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During this difficult year, I have finally decided to put an idea that I've had for a while, down on paper and created a short dramatic screenplay.  My very first script, PERCEPTION, has recently been given the BEST SHORT DRAMA SCREENPLAY (one of only 5 "Shorts" awards given) from The 11th Annual Marina Del Rey Film Festival, BEST UNPRODUCED SHORT SCRIPT AWARD from the Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, the BEST FIRST TIME SCREENWRITER AWARD from the Festigious International Film Festival, the New York Film Awards, the Top Shorts Awards, and the Oniros Film Awards (NY).  In addition, it also received the HONORARY BEST FIRST TIME SCREENWRITER AWARD from the Los Angeles Film Awards, SEMI-FINALIST HONORS  from Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, London Indie Short Festival and Manhattan Shorts Film Festival , QUARTER FINALIST HONORS from the Vail Film Festival and it was an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Best Script Award Festival - London, Lonely Seal International Festival, New York City International Screenplay Awards, and the Lake Charles Film Festival, too!!  Stay Tuned...  

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PERCEPTION - It's easy to believe that everyone else's life is perfect, especially when outwardly it seems to be.  However, sometimes, if you just take the time to look a little bit deeper, you may find that the people you truly envy the most, are often the ones struggling more than you can imagine.

Script comments and analysis from R. Jackson from the 

Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards

"Perception" is a dark mini drama/mystery rendered by the writer in the mode of a classic Twilight Zone episode.  This short film is hung on the bones of a fine script, which reminds us that things are not what they seem, even when we believe we sense something unseemly.  "Perception" is packed with expertly-wrought irony and misdirection, and comes complete with a twist ending so well-disguised and executed we are left shaken as viewers, wondering what clues we missed, and feeling we are not the same people we were at the instant we settled in to watch the film.  In "Perception" we see the influence of Kubrick, and Ray Bradbury, and Rod Serling as previously mentioned. Kudos to the writer.


On September 17, 2022, PERCEPTION finally went to camera with an amazing cast and an incredible crew!!  Produced by my new, solo production company, Shluffy Productions and Co-Produced and Directed by Erik Bloomquist, the shoot lasted three days and took place in both Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut.  Post production ended on October 30th and now the final film is being submitted to film festivals all over the world.  Stay tuned for news on where you can see this emotional dramatic short film!!  Some screen shots of the main cast below.  Ryan Farrell (Mark Connor), Alessandra Rosenfeld (Amanda Connor), Blanche Baker (Margaret), James Cribbins (Adam Connor) and Me (Jessica Connor).

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