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Perception, the short film I wrote in January (and won multiple awards for over this year), went into production on September 17th - 19th in and around the state of Connecticut.  In addition to co-producing through my new production company, Shluffy Studios, I also cast (with the help of Melanie Little and Briana Dunlay), and played the role of the Mother of the family, Jessica Connor.  Ryan Farrell (the deuce, Trainwreck), Blanche Baker (16 Candles), James Cribbins (SVU), and Alessandra Rosenfeld (Space Oddity, The Equalizer) also star with me.

Perception has been doing the festival rounds and so far has  screened at the 2023 Boston International Film Festival (MA), Atlanta Shortsfest (GA), Micheaux Film Festival (LA), Pasadena International Film Festival (LA). Catalina Film Festival (LA), Chelsea Film Festival (NYC), Mystic Film Festival (CT), Silicon Beach Film Festival (LA),  and it will be screening in November at the 38th Annual Fort Lauderdale Film Festival (FL) and also the Open Gate Film Festival (MA).  

At the same time I decided to produce Perception, I also created my own production company and based it in Connecticut, where I currently reside.  The company is called Shluffy Studios.  Shluffy, Yiddish word meaning "to sleep" has a very special place in my heart, as my grandmother used to say it a lot while I was growing up.  Shluffy Studios is dedicated to my family who I love more than anything in this world!!


During this difficult year, I have finally decided to put an idea that I've had for a while, down on paper and created a short dramatic screenplay.  My very first script, PERCEPTION, has recently been given the BEST SHORT DRAMA SCREENPLAY (one of only 5 "Shorts" awards given) from The 11th Annual Marina Del Rey Film Festival, BEST UNPRODUCED SHORT SCRIPT AWARD from the Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, the BEST FIRST TIME SCREENWRITER AWARD from the Festigious International Film Festival, the New York Film Awards, the Top Shorts Awards, and the Oniros Film Awards (NY).  In addition, it also received the HONORARY BEST FIRST TIME SCREENWRITER AWARD from the Los Angeles Film Awards, SEMI-FINALIST HONORS  from Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, London Indie Short Festival and Manhattan Shorts Film Festival, QUARTER FINALIST HONORS from the Vail Film Festival and it was an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Best Script Award Festival - London, Lonely Seal International Festival, New York City International Screenplay Awards, and the Lake Charles Film Festival, too!!  Stay Tuned...

The Dog Walker, Gladiolus' first award-winning feature film, was picked up for distribution by Leomark Studios in Los Angeles and can now be seen on Amazon Prime, FandangoNOW, and On Demand.  I portray the lead - investigative reporter, Samantha Jones, and I won a Best Actress in a Dramatic Role - Feature Film award from The New Haven International film festival for this role.

Gladiolus' award-winning short, Moral compass, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and I have a supporting lead role as the distraught daughter, Ashley Wainwright and was given a Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film award from The Atlantic City Cinefest for my performance.

The first 4 episodes of the award-winning comedy web series (and pandemic project), Auto Boss, can now be seen on YouTube.  I play the role of Beth - a clueless, but loveable accountant.

Wellness Inc., Gladiolus' comedy tv pilot, was accepted to the critically acclaimed SOHO International Film Festival (NYC), Orlando Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival (NYC), the NOVA International Film Festival in Virginia, and WON BEST COMEDY PILOT at the Houston Comedy Film Festival in Texas.  The reviews for the episode were amazing and we can't wait until the rest of the world gets to see it.  I portray the lead therapist Mandy, who is part of the 7 person ensemble.

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