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"Robyn has been a student of mine for three years. Her work ethic, professionalism, and talent have grown tremendously, and i'm so impressed with her talent. she pushes herself outside of her comfort zone, never settling for mediocre, and always with great results. I love working with her and I am a huge fan of her work."
- matt newton, founder and coach of mn acting studio 

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Best Supporting Actress        Short Dra
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In addition to being an actress, I am also co-owner of the award-winning production company, Gladiolus Productions. Since its inception in 2013, this boutique company, run solely by two women, has produced: two award-winning short films, Moral Compass and Gluteny, an award-winning feature, The Dog Walker, an award-winning web series, Auto Boss and a tv pilot, Wellness Inc. (which is currently being pitched as a series to networks and other production studios, and was recently accepted to the chelsea film festival, the NOVA International Film Festival, and the Houston Comedy Film Festival).  

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You can follow individual projects and news on my company site, Gladiolus Productions.  Check it out and stay in touch! 

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"Enough twists and turns to make your head spin!  Entertaining and clever with enough plot twists to test even the best yoga enthusiast.  Robyn Babina delivers a brilliant performance as the anxiety ridden Samantha Jones with solid performances from the entire cast.  One of the better shot independent films I've seen in some time.  5 STARS." 
- NMGuy2020 on Amazon Prime

A still from "The Dog Walker" - Gladiolus Productions

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